People with Disabilities

CSO "Youth of New Century"

An Online Social Registry for Persons with Disabilities - the "SOTSOKNO" database in Panjakent

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CSO "Savob"

Strengthening sustainable cooperation between partner NGOs and government agencies in various fields, in order to provide better social, rehabilitation and educational services for children with disabilities at the community level.

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CSO "Neki"

Teaching children with disabilities basic literacy: reading, writing and numeracy

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CSO "Javononi Peshsaf"

Inspiring young people and involving them in the development of civil society.

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CSO "Zdorovye"

Supporting vulnerable groups: Children with disabilities and their families, women in difficult situations, and the elderly.

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CSO "Society Development Fund"

Developing civil society and encouraging decision-making among the population.

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CSO "Association of Public Attorneys "

Protecting the rights and legitimate interests of citizens.

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HIV/AIDS projects

CSO "Tajik Network of Women Living with HIV"

Project Name: Improving government services for people living with HIV

Goal of the project: Introducing a referral and monitoring system to the Hisor HIV Center.

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Project Name: "Providing access for people living with HIV to basic social services and changing the attitudes of society towards people living with HIV / AIDS in Konibodom."

Goal of the project: Providing access to basic services for people living with HIV and raising public awareness.

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Project Name: "I choose life without AIDS"

Goal of the project: To improve the provision of public services for people living with HiV and raise public awareness in Histevarz district.

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CSO "Association of Innovative and Technological Entrepreneurship"

Project Name:"Innovative approach to preventing and reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS in Tajikistan"

Goal of the project: Improving the provision of services to people living with HIV, representatives of at-risk groups, youth, workers and members of their families in the Republic of Tajikistan and the surrounding region.

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CSO "Said"

Project Name:To prevent and reduce the spread of HIV in Asht district of Sughd region through enhancing cooperation and creating/testing a mechanism of trilateral cooperation between state agencies - the Regional Center for Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS, the Office of the Migration Service and the Regional Health Department.

Goal of the project: - Organizing and conducting a Health Caravan.
- Training employees of the Health Service and Migration Services in counseling, monitoring and evaluation in the field of combating HIV/AIDS.
- The research and development of practical recommendations for the HIV program in Tajikistan 2016-2020

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CSO "Khurshed"

Project Name:"Women living with HIV calling for justice!"

Goal of the project:Promoting and enhancing awareness among vulnerable sections of the population about HIV/AIDS. Partnering with local government structures to provide affordable and quality medical, legal and psychological assistance through awareness raising activities aimed at pregnant women, wives of migrant workers, drug users etc.

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Deputy Chairman of Panjakent
The initative of CSO "Javononi Peshsaf", which was supported by the Municpality of the City of Panjakent, has brought new benefits to educational institutions for youth and adolescents with disabilties. The McPhersons
First Deputy Chairman of the Civil Service under the President of Tajikistan

"This project has provided a good opportunity to look at the current situation from the outside and ask “Who are these Majlis members?” "What is their main purpose and how do they contribute to local development?", "How can we improve their relationship with the local government and the public?" ».

A Local Hukumat Representative
The "I choose life without AIDS" project has been able to reach 9,000 people in Khistevarz jamoat and has become a bridge between the Hukumat and the local population in reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS in the jamoat.
Director of the Hisor AIDS Center
1. This project has created opportunities to improve the quality of public services for PLHIV and has improved the interaction between state institutions and civil society organizations.
2. The electronic referral system and the working mechanism has made it possible to analyze the problems of people living with HIV, creating opportunities for state institutions and civil society organizations to provide social, medical and legal services. John B