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The main purpose of this analytical report is to provide the Government of the Republic
of Tajikistan with the consolidated views of the civil society and business community
regarding the vision for the national development priorities of the country in the medium

Preparation of this document was made possible due to support from Eurasia
Foundation of Central Asia’s Good Governance Initiative Fund. Analytical Center "Navo"
won one of the Fund's grants from the United States Agency of International
Cooperation for the Project aimed at providing expert support to the reforms of the
Government. This project gave a real opportunity to many citizens of the country to
participate in the preparation of the National Development Strategy of Tajikistan until
2030 offering solutions to the existing problems of the country. In addition, it is expected
that this project would also contribute to the strengthening of the analytical capacity of
the country’s civil society.

The report highlights proposals and recommendations of representatives of various
associations, unions, NGOs, private companies and individual experts regarding
possible national development priorities of Tajikistan until 2030. These proposals were
collected, analyzed and managed by the Analytical Center "Navo"

On September 29, 2015, within the framework of this Project, Analytical Center "Navo"
together with its partner - the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the
Republic of Tajikistan – has organized a round table to discuss the draft of the future
National Development Strategy. The round table, chaired by the Deputy Minister of
Economic Development and Trade Mr. Umed Davlatzod, caused a great interest and
was well attended by the civil society and business community, as it was one of the very
few real chances for them to be heard and to contribute to the identification of the future
development of the country. During the course of the debates, participants of the event
have put forward concrete and constructive suggestions, recommendations and ideas to
enhance this very important document that would determine the country's development
for the next 15 years. These proposals were taken into account during the development
of this report.

In addition, the Analytical Center "Navo" has organized and conducted a series of
interviews with experts, representatives of academia, NGOs and businesses. The
results of these interviews were also used during the development of this report.

Taking this opportunity, Analytical Center "Navo" expresses its deep gratitude to all
organizations and experts for their cooperation and constructive suggestions during the
preparation on this report.
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