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ncies of the country do not employ graduates of the Tajik higher educational
institutions any more. For example, the Dushanbe city administration at the
announcement for competitions on job vacancies among other requirements to
candidates, specifies existence of the foreign diploma or Tajik diploma till 1992.

To solve these problems, the participants of the Round table and the experts surveyed
through interviews and discussions, have proposed a number of concrete reform
measures in the education sector, which are given below.

First of all, it is necessary to define the objectives of education and thus to change the
management system of education. The system should provide and guarantee to each
citizen the constitutional right and opportunity to receive quality education. It is
necessary to consider that this right and opportunities should not depend from the
Ministry of Education and Science. The emphasis has to be on development of
available and quality education, and also increase the coverage of children by preschool
education. For this purpose it is necessary to modernize teaching methods and actively
develop distance learning and online learning, which are available to everyone.

An important direction in the formation of human capital is a significant increase in the
effectiveness of the quality assurance. For this purpose it is necessary to create
conditions and mechanisms for development of the competition between educational
institutions of all levels: preschool institutions, schools, higher educational institutions,

Revision of educational standards and their alignment in compliance with demands and
real requirements of labor market within the country and perspective foreign labor
markets is necessary. It is necessary to get rid of outdated or unclaimed scientific and
educational disciplines; having at the same, time strengthened the demanded and
perspective directions. For this purpose, it is necessary to improve cardinally the system
of needs assessment and planning of specialists training for development of national

It is also necessary to determine the education language / languages in the educational
system of Tajikistan, what it will be in medium-term prospect? Analysis of international
experience shows that the most rapid growth, and the most significant achievements in
national development demonstrated by countries which chose English as the main
language of training (Japan, South Korea, Singapore, India, Malaysia, etc.).
Neighboring Afghanistan in 2013 announced about the recognition of English language
as official language of science, technology, education and medicine.

It is necessary to take urgent measures to raise the prestige / weight of the teaching
profession / academic, which are the main asset of any educational institution. The
priority has to be given to teachers and academics, but not for the new buildings,
furniture and the equipment. For this purpose, it is necessary to increase significantly
material remuneration of teachers and professors. If the state does not have sufficient
means to ensure decent pay for all teachers, it has to focus on support to some parts of
education and some educational institutions, and - to transfer others to the private
sector. It will allow to increase insistence for those ones, who chose teaching as the
primary professional activity, and also to create incentive system for attraction to
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