Eurasia Foundation, Tajikistan
Civil Society Development and Good Governance

Activating the potential of Tajikistan's civil society to advocate for effective and transparent governance

A functioning civil society is essential for every country. While Tajikistan does have an active civil society, it is limited by poor access to funding opportunities, a difficult political atmosphere for CSOs, and the generally low capacity of CSOs. The government faces little resistance and is able to easily close down CSOs which work in controversial spheres, and government permission is essential for the success of most projects. Combined with weak internal capacity, this can render many CSOs unable to lobby the government or keep it accountable.

Building the capacity of civil society organisations (CSOs) is one of our key aims. Through all of our projects we are building a cohort of CSOs in urban and rural areas who are able to compete for grants and implement sustainable, effective projects in a wide range of spheres. While we encourage CSOs to build good relationships with local government bodies, we simultaneously emphasise the potential of CSOs to engage in dialogue with the government, and to provide an independent voice to advocate for Tajikistan's most vulnerable citizens and the general population.

We believe that CSOs are a key actor in increasing the transparency, efficiency and overall effectiveness of the government, and we have years of experience of providing trainings which improve the internal capacity of CSOs and enable them to engage more effectively with government at the local and national levels.

Supported by:

Activating the Potential of CSOs as Actors and Partners in the Governance, Accountability and Implementation of Rural Development Projects| European Union, 2018 - 2021

This project aims to strengthen the role of CSOs in the design and implementation of rural development projects in Tajikistan by strengthening their ability to work with Mahalla Committees.
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“Good Governance Initiative Fund” (GGIF) | USAID, 2014-2018

This regional project aims to strengthen the capacity of local, under‐resourced CSOs to work more effectively to resolve problems in local communities and strengthen the voice and influence of vulnerable communities in Tajikistan.
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Other projects include:

A Stronger Civil Society in Tajikistan through Novel Trainings and Technology | Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, 2016-2018

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Strengthening CSO Capacity in Khatlon to Improve Community Resilience | US Embassy in Tajikistan, 2016-2017

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Development of Tajikistan’s National Development Priorities 2030

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Strengthening Civil Society Capacity and Involvement in Budgeting Process | World Bank, 2010-2013

Improving CSO Services for Vulnerable Groups | MFA Norway, 2010-2011

Civil Society Poverty Reduction | German Embassy in Tajikistan, 2013

Promoting the Exercise of Fundamental Democratic Rights in Tajikistan | Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, 2010-2011

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