Eurasia Foundation, Tajikistan
Human Rights and Rule of Law

Promoting and protecting human rights freedoms in existence, and advocating for necessary changes in the law

The 2017 Freedom in the World index rated the state of human rights and civil liberties in Tajikistan as very poor and the country as falling into the ’not free’ category. Opposition parties have been severely weakened in recent years and there are several redlines for the public and civil society. The media do operate somewhat freely but struggle for a stable revenue stream and to compete with government sponsored media outlets, which are dominant. While citizens in Tajikistan enjoy certain freedoms, particularly in comparison to countries in its near abroad, there are underlying issues that need to be addressed. Civil society must play an important role in protecting the rights of all citizens.

EFCA-Tajikistan is committed to promoting and protecting human rights freedoms for all citizens. We are working to raise awareness of existing human rights legislation and ensure its effective implementation in defense of the country's most vulnerable citizens through education, advocacy and civil society empowerment. We work with other local civil society organisations to promote project design which is rights-based and respects the interests of groups which face discrimination including women, people with disabilities and the LGBTI community.

Supported by:

International Cooperation for Promoting And Raising Awareness of Human Rights | Estonian Development Cooperation, 2015-2017

We provided trainings for NGOs in Tajikistan to improve their capacity to carry out human rights work.
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A Call to Justice | World Justice Project, 2015

We connected 340 lawyers of legal aid centers throughout Tajikistan to a hotline to provide a nation-wide free legal consultation, focusing its service on women and vulnerable groups.

Equal before the Law: Access to Justice in Central Asia | Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, 2011-2014

This project established a network of organisations which work to protect the rights of vulnerable people and strengthened their capacity to promote human rights-based principles in Tajikistan. As part of the project, EFCA-Tajikistan also provided legal advice and access to professional, qualified legal services to vulnerable citizens in Tajikistan, and raised the legal awareness among these groups.
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Other projects include:

Engaging Khuroson’s Citizens and Local Businesses in the Fight against Corruption | Canadian Fund, 2013

Promotion of Legal Literacy in Tajikistan | US Embassy in Tajikistan, 2012-2013

Building LGBT People’s Confidence in their Future | German Embassy in Tajikistan, 2013

Promoting the Exercise of Fundamental Democratic Rights in Tajikistan | Ministry of Foreign Affairs Finland, 2010 – 2012

Eurasia Foundation, Tajikistan