Eurasia Foundation, Tajikistan

Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment

We are combatting gender-based violence and gender discrimination through a dual approach of improving the reporting and resolution of cases of violence and discrimination, and also improving the position of women within their families.

Climate Change and
Rural Resilience

We use a mixed-method approach in addressing climate change induced vulnerabilities for rural populations. We believe that building capacity of beneficiaries is key to ensuring that projects in support of climate resilience are sustainable.

Human Rights and
Rule of Law

We are committed to promoting and protecting human rights freedoms for all citizens. We are working to raise awareness of existing human rights legislation and ensure its effective implementation in defense of the country's most vulnerable citizens

Civil Society Development and Good Governance

We build the capacity of civil society organisations to encourage their active involvement in improving effective governance in urban and rural areas.

Countering Violent Extremism and Peace Building

We believe the best way to combat violent extremism is through promotion of critical engagement with extremist narratives, and awareness of local history.

Youth Empowerment
and Education

We create opportunities for young people to access education and practical skills training to make them a valuable member of Tajikistan’s development.

Eurasia Foundation, Tajikistan