“Voices of Youth”




Dushanbe, Kulyab, Garm, Khorog, Khujand, Isfara


April 1 – August 30, 2013


24,921 USD


World Bank


PO "Kalidi Donish", PO "Marifatnoki", Debate Club Fenix, Dushanbe Debate Club

Executive Summary

An in-depth research was conducted to capture the opinions and recommendations of young people on development challenges and opportunities in Tajikistan. Surveys documented the opinions of more than 100 young people from all over Tajikistan, and were combined with 40 interviews. Main findings highlighted the potential of youth to contribute to the development of the country. They also revealed that migration is perceived as a short term experience dedicated to increasing skills, gaining an education or finding a temporary job. Nevertheless, young people are willing to come back to Tajikistan. Lastly, a large gap exists between the goals of actors of development and young people’s perceptions and expectations of development programming.

In addition, EFCA-Tajikistan organized five regional debate tournaments in Khorog, Kulob, Garm, Isfara and Khujand. The best speakers were then invited to participate in the national debate tournament in Dushanbe on 28-29 August 2013. In total, 130 young people were involved in debate tournaments (40% of girls and 60% of boys). that gathered more than 120 young people in order to gather more insights from young people on development opportunities in Tajikistan. Main recommendations focused on access to education such as international student exchanges, quotas for girls; improving public services; corruption and labor force.

This Voices of Youth program is based on the belief that the opinions and recommendations of young people will genuinely contribute to improving the design and the implementation of development related activities; and hopefully increase the impact of programming. EFCA-Tajikistan recommends disseminating this information to the different actors of development.

A five-minute video was prepared by EFCA-Tajikistan and Art-Vision and screened at the World Bank 20 years of Partnership event on 5 June 2013. The video portrayed the opinions of young Tajiks from rural Tajikistan on the following topics: education, labor force, expectations for the future, etc.

The video then was disseminated via topvideo.tj and Facebook and was viewed by a large audience.