Eurasia Foundation, Tajikistan

Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment

We tackle gender-based violence and discrimination by improving the reporting and resolution of cases of violence and discrimination, while empowering women to play a more equal role in family and society.

Climate Change and
Rural Resilience

We use a mixed-method approach to address climate change and low levels of adaptive capacity by strengthening the capacity of beneficiaries and promoting environmentally sustainable practices that are sustainable.

Human Rights and
Rule of Law

We promote the rule of law and the fight against corruption and strive to better protect the fundamental human rights of those most vulnerable by raising awareness and ensuring effective implementation of legislation.

Civil Society Development and
Good Governance

We build the capacity of local civil society organisations in urban and rural areas so they become valued actors in their communities to effectively promote economic development and good governance.

Countering Violent Extremism and Peace Building

We believe in a conflict sensitive approach that enhances soft skills, capacities for peace and local community engagement among youth to build more resilient and tolerant communities.

Youth Empowerment
and Education

We create opportunities for young people to access education and skills training while establishing platforms for their voice to be better heard in the country’s future.

Strategic plan and work-stream of EFCA-Tajikistan for 2019-2021 Tajikistan

  • Civil society in Tajikistan is weakening. EFCA is facing stiff competition in the development of this sector. EFCA reconsiders its approaches and/or reorient its activities in line with the changing environment to maintain competitiveness and relevance;
  • EFCA is better to sell its current products and/or to develop new products to attract additional donors;
  • EFCA in Tajikistan is quite competitive, high level of professionalism and standards among local NGOs and low cost services among international NGOs;
  • For the last 5 years there is a clear vision that the market of donor funding is reduced and the level of competition grows. As a result, EFCA started to attract smaller grants from 15 to 25 thousand dollars and it is interested in continuing this practice.
  • Recent changes and development in the market shows that EFCA is the time to change its focus from the strategy of "concentration proposal" and to aim at "meeting the demand" of the organizations. This means that EFCA is developing and creating demand for their products and services. The main efforts is aimed to tailor product and service in accordance with the needs of donors.
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    1) "The government is our client"
    Integration in government activities with emphasis on participation in joint projects of donors and governments. EFCA will position itself as a professional international entity that helps the government to fulfill its tasks (Memorandum will be signed with interested ministries and state agencies). We intend to use state funds for projects in the long term
    2) Youth and entrepreneurship
    A new fast-growing field of activity. This area will continue to gain importance among donors and governments due to the economic crisis and economic turmoil in Tajikistan.
    3) Corruption
    Tajikistan is in 152 place in the new index of Transparency International, in 2017 the country was three steps below. High level of corruption is not conducive to economic development, but rather contributes to the reduction of investment attractiveness and inhibits the development of all spheres of activity in Tajikistan. EFCA was a member ...
    4) Women and domestic violence
    After the adoption of the law on Prevention of domestic violence in 2013, many foreign and local agencies focused ...
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Eurasia Foundation, Tajikistan