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EFCA-Tajiksitan Publications

Improving the Framework for Reporting and Resolution of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in Tajikistan. (eng)  (rus) (taj) EFCA – Tajikistan and Z-Analytics Group (2017)

National Development Strategy of the Republic of Tajikistan for the Period up to 2030 (eng)  (rus) EFCA – Tajikistan and the Government of Republic of Tajikistan (2016)

Socio-Economic Status of Migrants and their Families in Sughd Region (rus) EFCA-Tajikistan and CSO "Association of Woman and Society” (2016)

Tajikistan: Anti-Corruption Strategy (taj), EFCA – Tajikistan and the Center for Strategic Studies (2015)

National Strategy on Combating Corruption in the Republic of Tajikistan for 2013-2020 (rus), EFCA – Tajikistan (2013)

Alternate Sexuality in Tajikistan (eng), EFCA – Tajikistan (2013) – available upon request.

The Level of Coverage of the Issues of Radicalization in the Regional Media in Tajikistan (eng), EFCA – Tajikistan, Foreign Ministry of Denmark and NGO “Media Consulting” (2012)

Reducing Youth Radicalization in Tajikistan (eng), Parviz Mullojanov and EFCA – Tajikistan (2012)

Informal Justice in Tajikistan, EFCA – Tajikistan (eng.rus.taj) , Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, and Azita Ranjbar (2012)

Equal Before the Law? A study on how citizens experience access to justice in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan (eng), Eurasia Foundation, EFCA – Tajikistan and Caucasus Resource Research Centers (2011)

Civil Education of Youth: The Way Forward in Tajikistan (eng), EFCA – Tajikistan, Counterpart International and Edward Lemon (2011)

Socio-economic status of migrants and their families in Sughd region : problems and solutions, EFCA and CSO "Association of woman and society” (2016) (rus)

Tajikistan: Resistance to Corruption, Center for Strategic Studies (2015) (taj)

Istanbul Anti-Corruption Plan (Tajikistan), Fourth Round Interim Report, EFCA – Tajikistan (2015) (rus)

Istanbul Anti-Corruption Action Plan (Tajikistan), Third Round Progress Update, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs (2016) (eng)

EFCA – Tajikistan Guidelines and Manuals

Guidelines to Become a Rural Entrepreneur (eng)  (taj), EFCA – Tajikistan and M-Vector (2018)

Legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan on Public Organizations (rus), EFCA – Tajikistan (2017)

Guide for CSOs: Establishing Long-Term Relations with State Structures (rus), EFCA – Tajikistan (2017)

Guide for CSOs: Development and Writing of Project Proposals(rus),EFCA – Tajikistan (2017)

Building the Capacity of Civil Society Organizations to Contribute to the Improvement of the Stability of Civil Society (eng)  (rus) (taj), EFCA – Tajikistan (2016)

EFCA – Tajikistan Videos

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EFCA – Tajikistan Success Stories

“Sharvand” Encourages Local Residents to Get Involved: Meet Hojji Abduahadov, the head of a network of housing associations in Kulob established through our USAID funded GGIF project.(eng)

Increasing Sustainability of Climate Resilience Investments: Meet Voseeva to learn about how participating in our project, funded by the Committee for Environmental Protection of the Republic of Tajikistan, changed her role in the family. (eng)

Giving a Voice to Hearing-Impaired Women in Istaravshan: Read about Sanam, who after 35 years of marriage can now sign with her husband as a result of our USAID-funded GGIF project. (eng)

EFCA – Tajikistan Project Leaflets

Activating the Potential of CSOs as Actors and Partners in the Governance, Accountability and Implementation of Rural Development Projects, European Union, 2018-2021 (eng)

Improving the Framework for Reporting and Resolution of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in Tajikistan Project, European Union, 2017-2019(eng)

Economic, Social and Legal Capacity Building for Sustaining Impacts Project, Committee for Environmental Protection, World Bank 2017-2018 (eng)

“Good Governance Initiative Fund” (GGIF), USAID, 2014-2018(eng)

International Cooperation for Promoting And Raising Awareness of Human Rights, Estonian Development Cooperation, 2015-2017 (eng)

A Stronger Civil Society in Tajikistan through Novel Trainings and Technology, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, 2016-2018 (eng)

Strengthening CSO Capacity in Khatlon to Improve Community Resilience, US Embassy in Tajikistan, 2016-2017 (eng)

Equal Before the Law: Access to Justice in Central Asia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, 2011-2014(eng)

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