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8 - July The Day of People with specific needs

 The possibilities are limited, the capabilities are endless!

July 7, 2022, Kanibadam - The Day of People with specific needs is celebrated annually in Tajikistan on July 8th, according to the Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan, the right of everyone must be protected, since every person is valuable.

On July 7th, young activists from the city of Kanibadam celebrated the Day of People with specific needs as part of the project "No one left behind: Farogir" funded by the European Union and Caritas Germany.

The event was organized in the restaurant “Toji Kand” of the city of Kanibadam by youth activists of our project.. Our activists organized a talent contest, interest corners, such as: T-shirt painting, chess, checkers, arm wrestling, an informative class about making handmade products, as well as contests and quizzes where we were able to show the residents of the city that everyone is equal and everyone has equal rights.

The event opened with a demonstration of the folk craft of volunteers from the city of Kanibadam.. Further, playgrounds for chess, checkers and table tennis were organized, where residents of the city could join the volunteers, divided into teams and play games.

One of the main events was the "Talent Show", where residents of the city, including people with specific needs, were able to show their hidden talents. Muyassara Dekhkonova, who had many talents, showed her fashion designs and also some of her famous works, and also sang one of the popular Tajik songs. Sattorova Dilshoda surprised her audience by showing her talent in singing an English song. There were also other talent shows, such as poetry readings, games, dances, etc.

“We organized a talent competition to show that opportunities are limited, abilities are limitless and you need to grab every chance to show your abilities, learn, develop and find yourself in life. I would also like to add “We are all equal, we are all united!” said Sabohat Karimova, a volunteer of the project “No one left behind: Farogir” and one of the organizers Sabohat Karimova.

Also, young activists were able to listen to the speeches of motivators, people with specific needs who were able to prove that the impossible is possible and limited opportunities are not a reason to give up or be afraid to act. At the end of the performances, the young guys were able to personally talk with the invited motivators.

Juraeva Madina, a volunteer of the project “No one left behind: Farogir” shared her thoughts with admiration and said: “Listen to the speech, those who went through difficulties, who were not stopped by limited opportunities, admired us and now I think about my future plans and development of their business."

The event ended with the awarding of valuable prizes to the winners of the talent show, chess, checkers and arm wrestling games.

Eurasia Foundation, Tajikistan